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American university is newest seniority
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" American news and world report " weekly website announces completely beautiful university 22 days newest pop chart. Haing Buddha university swings a lot of competitor 12 years first, reside head of a list of names posted up alone.

Pop chart shows, princeton university slips below successive 8 years the first or paratactic the first position, rank 2. The Yale is ranked the 3rd, masschusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford university are paratactic the 4th. California university Berkeley assigns school rank public university the first, always rank the 21st. Amherst the institute rises, with Williams this the institute is paratactic colleges of arts the first.

Rank basis, it is integrated exam of level of learning of each school new student takes an exam (SAT) the element such as the donation of evaluation of achievement, person of the same trade, alumnus to alma mater.

Robert Miqieer of dean of courtyard of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of article of haing Buddha university states: "Obtain with this kind of means approbate admittedly pretty good, but the staff member that my school is in charge of recruit students admonishs to enter oneself for an examination of purpose all the time Ha Fo's student, answer to choose to suit oneself school most according to individual demand, and rather than is ranked according to the school.

" American news and world report " pop chart has reputation most in the United States, but change of calendar year of each officer position is not big. To satisfy a reader new move, this magazine begins to found a few new pop chart.

"Cut a figure university pop chart " appear first this year, before the rank a few school includes Virginia city tall treats · Mei Sen university, south block Luo Laina city Kelaimusen university and California south university. A few years hopeful will depend on these schools henceforth innovation rises steadily in university pop chart.

Nevertheless, the competitor of this pop chart has appeared. The United States " Forbes " first time announces magazine website to achieve university pop chart oneself this month, emphasize particularly on student achievement, princeton university is ranked the first.


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