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8 years the university entrance exam ends Hunan
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Teach arrangement of program of exam courtyard wise move according to Hunan Province, approved admitted the last day for high post specialized subject on August 17, by a definite date of a many month wise move neared end 2008 (specialized subject of high in September post arranges filling collection) .

Meanwhile, accurate Gao Sanxue is unripe also beginning to prepare for the university entrance exam 2009. From inside the process of wise move of the university entrance exam 2008, at least 3 big news are worth to attend examinee of the university entrance exam to pay close attention to next year.

It is the university entrance exam of transitional of new old course 8 years

Hunan Province will undertake the university entrance exam according to new course standard since 2010, hunan Province teachs hall to express to will study relevant policy, measure and middle school education are real seriously, in draw lessons from the base that seeks opinion, scientific proof provincial experience, extensively adequately to go up, form the university entrance exam to reform scheme, announce to the society as soon as possible.

My province continued outside language number 2008 own proposition, exam proposition continues to carry out Hunan Province to teach exam courtyard " < whole nation of recruit students of common 2007 colleges and universities unites exam outline > compensatory specification " , did not write new exam outline complement to explain again. "This reflected me to save the university entrance exam own proposition will advance steadily, outstanding ' firm ' word, had entered reform of high school new course last year in my province especially, will greet 2010 first below the big setting that new tax changes the university entrance exam, more meaningful. " division of name of our newspaper the university entrance exam coachs round expert happens to coincide such opinion.

2009 will be the university entrance exam of transitional of new old course. Courtyard of province education exam ever expressed before this, had made put forth effort proposition of the university entrance exam of transitional of new old course work, strengthen what change with new tax to join, the innovation spirit that pays attention to check student and go qualitative, the scientific sex that enhances examination questions, fair sex and normative sex. Good in further processing " knowledge and ability " check while, increase stage by stage " process and method " check strength, give attention to two or morethings " affection manner and viewpoint of value " check, emphasize the choose of examination paper and oriented function.

New one wave answer reads upsurge to will emerge

Batch of high post specialized subject admits overall situation to already was decided, admitted examinee majority attended to already made clear his whereaboutldirection in this batch, choice of a lot of examinee answer read. Many answer read class criterion to wanton in busy recently move solicit source of student, a few went up undergraduate course line is this 2 batches examinee is joined even answer read main forces.
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