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Teacher T80443
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Teacher number:
T80443 Full name: Week teacher(To protect teacher privacy, the meeting when particular speak to sb face to face offers full name to reach all sorts of certificate to you)
Sexual distinction:
Province / country:
Be born a particular year:
Eye predecessor portion:
Undergraduate course is old 2 students
Land time recently:
Time of examine and verify:
(工作时间:早上9:00-晚上8:00)(预约时,请提供此教员的编号:T80443 )
Educational information
Read / graduate college:
Grand is answered one in
Information management and information system
At present (finally) record of formal schooling:
Undergraduate course is being read
Address information
Life abode:
Sichuan is a mountainous area
9 dragon road
The job / school abode:
Sichuan is a mountainous area
Campus of center of Anhui university chime stone
Information of relevant family education
Can teach course:
Elementary school maths, elementary school English, elementary school abstruse number, first one dyad learns first (algebra) , tall English, english of second year in high school, the computer is operated basically, OA, accompany play, supervise and urge exercise, tall 3 English,
Ego describes specialty to reveal:
Maths of English of elementary school junior high school abstruse contest is before the school 5
Every semester is judged to be 3 good students
The university also has fellowship
Obtain Hunan Province title of dry ” of provincial “ outstanding class
Can undertake each course learns the coaching of method of be used to, make an institute relaxed learn effectively, achievement is able to rise greatly
The trains me tenet that pays attention to student thinking respect is ” of “ relaxed study. Alleged and relaxed, impart namely the train of thought that solve a problem is paid attention to inspire a student to think
Can give lessons area and detailed description:
Sichuan is a mountainous area, precious jade sea area, cottage in relief area, include river division, had better be 149 can until, turn at most car, do not exceed Cheng of 1 hour of cars.
Family education resume
Student evaluation
Education achievement:
Coach 7 years an adult officeholder takes an exam, this student written examination obtains the 5th to pass in this area
Coach one elementary school 4 grade student abstruse number, mathematical thinking has this student to rise apparently, be in the school maths obtains the 3rd in abstruse contest.
Salary requirement:
Not under 30 yuan horary

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